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ColorDict Dictionary


Color DictУниверсальный словарь•Быстрый поиск во всех словарях одновременно•Автозаполнение искомого слова•Совместимость со словарями StarDict•Загрузка словарей из Маркета и интернета•English,тезаурусы, библия и т.д.•Лучший бесплатный словарь
russian translation by @ergodroid
----Universal Dictionary Color Dict.Search a word and translate a sentence in Wikipedia, Wordnet, StarDict, It's the best all-in-one dictionary on the market
• Fast search in online & offline dictionaries at once• Download free dictionaries on market & internet.• Long click to share search result• Long click for word jump feature.
Feature• Supports Quick Search Box• Supports ColorNote App - ColorNote dictionary integration• Supports StarDict compatible dictionaries• Supports Wordnet dictionary• Words suggestion• Saves search history• Change color of dictionary• Select a word in a result• Send a result to other apps• Text-to-speech• Voice recognition• Use Volume Key to move between result
E-Book Reader that supports ColorDict• FBReader• Moon+ Reader• Cool Reader• ezPDF Reader
StarDict dictionary • Download a file to your PC• Copy compressed file(tar.bz2, *.tar.gz, *.zip) to sdcard /dictdata directory
• Dict - Menu - Direct Download - Enter URL
Supported offline dictionaries : (Download Add-On)• English Wordnet offline dictionary (included)• English thesaurus offline dictionary (included)• English <-> Japanese offline dictionary (stardict)• English <-> Chinese offline dictionary (stardict)• English <-> German offline dictionary (stardict)• English <-> Spanish offline dictionary (stardict)• Bible offline dictionary (stardict)
Online dictionary • Wikipedia encyclopedia (included)
Wikipedia• Wikipedia online encyclopedia• English, Japanese, Czech, German, French, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Russian, Dutch, and many other languages that wikipedia supports.
Developer• Supports Dictionary API for 3rd party developer